Kedarkantha Winter trek

The last 3-4 months of my life had stretched me completely, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Consequently, what happened to me was what happens to a lot of "travelers". My passion for trekking took a major back seat as I had to deal with various other life issues.

I decided to break the monotonous streak and do what I love the most.

Why Kedarkantha?

1. I am familiar on how to reach the base camp, Sankri, since I've trekked Har ki dun before.

2. A simpler trek to get back in the groove.

3. Only trek I haven't done which is doable in winters. There was Dayara Bugyal too but in my head, it was too mainstream. This is an opinion that changed after I actually did Kedarkantha.

So, I ended up searching for a local to guide me. The local knew a guy, who knew a guy and like that, I ended up with Rajesh Rana who runs an agency (Himalayas Griffon) and charges Rs 7500 from Dehradun to Dehradun.
Now there is no way I would encourage an agency when I know they're purely c…

Lama Lambri Pass trek

Day 0 - Delhi to AutI've always had certain skills. For better or for worse, spending extended periods of time in isolation is one of them. It doesn't bother me as much as it might for most people.

So I'm off to Aut and then to Banjar and then to Gushaini from where I'll be spoiled for choices on which trek to go to.
GHNP sounds nice, so does Marahni pass, where I couldn't go when I was here last. I could choose to chill at Rolla and go to Shilt hut or maybe try going to Tirth.

This is a first. I'm going to the base village and I have no idea where I'll go from there. To be honest, I don't care as long as I find peace. God knows I need it.

Day 1 - Aut to Banjar to Gushaini to SharchiI reached Gushaini fairly earlier than last time (which was around 2 pm, if I remember correctly). As soon as I deboarded the bus at Aut, I got a bus at around 9 am which dropped me to Banjar by 10:30 am. From there, I boarded another bus to Gushaini which left from Banjar at 1…

Rangthar Meadow trek

Day 0 - Delhi to Aut
My last trek was Brahmatal in November, I suppose. I had been thinking about finally hiking in Nepal for some time but planning often does not culminate into execution. Especially when it comes to traveling. I suppose that's organic.

For me it was due to leave limitations. I'm after all, a rat in a cage with the delusions of purpose.
No more! This rat had had enough!

Tirthan valley is home to a lot of beginner level treks which can be easily done from April onwards. I have been in touch with a local who informed me of the adverse conditions in the past few weeks. But I just wanted to try my luck nevertheless.

I planned to hike Marahni peak which is at a moderate altitude of 3600m. A lot of trekkers judge a trek by it's altitude. I knew enough to avoid doing that.
Although, I did study the altitude profile and it didn't seem to be much.

The bus left at 9 pm from ISBT. I planned to deboard at Aut, take a shared cab to Tourist information …